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The Fall

The Fall is an immersive multimedia installation that re-imagines The Garden of Eden as a site of paradise where the “Fall of Man” never occurred. In this work, The Crystal Efemmes embody the personas of Eve, Lilith, God and the Snake to revise one of the most influential Patriarchal Western Myths of all time. The Fall proposes a narrative that privileges choice, knowledge, and honors strong femme protagonists. In its latest iteration, The Fall exists in four chapters 1. Creation: The Red Womb, 2. The Tree of Knowledge: Conversations With a Snake, 3. The Dark Grotto, and 4. The Sunlit Garden. Paradisiacal imagery, fabric installations, whispering water elements, and video projections invite the viewer to consider this new creation story, one where protagonists have the power of agency and can still delight in the abundance of The Garden.

The Crystal Efemmes are a quartet of interdisciplinary artists concerned with revisionist histories and feminist agendas.
Comprised of visual artists Vanessa Centeno, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Cristina Molina, and Ryn Wilson, The Crystal Efemmes alliance formed in 2014 after learning their individual artworks shared themes of intersectional feminism, mysticism, body politics, and concerns with the environment. As a collective they create immersive installations that concentrate on retelling myths and histories from a perspective that empowers and honors women.

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