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Portent is a body of work depicting mysteriously obscured figures that appear to be holding a message for us. The figures first appeared to me in a dream, multiple figures draped in a dusty pink fabric standing in a surreal rocky landscape, holding tennis balls. Dreams are full of symbols rich with meaning, but it’s not always easy to interpret them. Our unconscious is trying to guide us with wisdom we can’t fully grasp in our waking lives. As Jung would have said, this wisdom comes from the collective unconscious, a deep well of knowledge and insight shared across the human species. These shrouded figures are oracles from our unconscious, encouraging us to dig deeper, pay attention, and heed our intuition. Perhaps they are taking the form of deities to warn us of an apocalyptic future, or maybe they are future versions of ourselves trying to send us and important message. No matter who or what is under the draping fabric, it is imperative that we pay attention. The mirrors represent a portal into this subconscious world of dreams, connecting it to our world. They are trying to show us something that is unknown and yet to be uncovered. These figures are inviting us to consider different possibilities and create a better future than the one we are currently heading towards. One that is more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate.

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