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Rising up out of the magic, artistry, and decadent costume culture of New Orleans, ALTAR beckons to the inner witch or mystic in all of us.

Designed with the intent to transport you into a world where creativity thrives, ALTAR allows you to celebrate and support local artistry through the simple act of getting dressed.


Know that every stitch is imbued with a unique feminist alchemy, sewn by loving hands right here in the heart of New Orleans. 


Calling upon some of cinema’s on-screen seductresses for inspiration, ALTAR will transform your everyday-wear into evocative, empowering statements that you’ll be just dying to share with all your admiring fans. Elegantly weaving together divine, floaty shapes with commanding, feminine lines, ALTAR is your new favorite ritual. ALTAR uses the most luxurious feeling fabrics so you can look divine while being cloaked in pure comfort.


As well as being designed to fit, feel, and look like each piece was made especially for you, ALTAR also takes tremendous pride in our mission to champion artists. Through close collaboration with a variety of artists based right here in New Orleans, we create one-of-a-kind fabric prints that are elegantly incorporated into many of our alluring designs. We believe that sustainability starts with paying our artists fairly – 50% of profits from each sale goes directly to the featured artist. Be sure to visit our Featured Artist Page to learn more about the artists we work with.


ALTAR is slow fashion at its most magical. Using digital printing technologies that are more sustainable than traditional methods, choosing ALTAR means you can feel good about what you’re wearing, while still owning pieces that are vibrant, hand washable, and long lasting. Click here to learn more about our sustainability practices.  




Ryn is the owner, designer, and seamstress, behind ALTAR. She has been creating under the label ALTAR since 2010, when she moved to the magnificent city of New Orleans. The name is inspired by the mysticism and originality that seep from every corner of this great city. In 2019, ALTAR was reimagined into a brand of alchemical garments that promote feminism while featuring and supporting local artists. She have a strong connection to the New Orleans arts scene and collaborates with local artists to create the beautiful textile designs you see in the line. Her background in visual arts brings this passion into all aspects of the Altar brand.

Altar is a woman-run slow fashion brand made by hand in New Orleans. It aims to create sustainable products that are made with minimal waste, using clean printing processes, and are of high, long-lasting quality.


Portrait by Aubrey Edwards





Robyn LeRoy-Evans is an artist, entrepreneur, and founder of ECHO + SCRIBE, a full-service copywriting agency that prides itself on supporting businesses that give back, brands with purpose, companies that care. Through strategic, soulful, true-to-voice copywriting, Robyn hopes to help spread the message that there is another way – one that is more sustainable, more ethical, and more kind - all while creating powerful connections between conscious businesses and their dream customers.




Ofir is the founder of Ofir Design, a brand & design studio based in New Orleans. With a specialty in premier creative branding and comprehensive visual solutions, they offer a personalized approach to conceptualizing, creating and developing visual identities. Their portfolio spans across various industries and includes clients in the gastronomy, lifestyle, culture, corporate and non-profit sectors.

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