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Cinematrope looks into how the female character has evolved in cinema. Movies are a good barometer of the zeitgeist in a time period of a culture. Movies also affect how the culture thinks about itself and has an effect on self-perception. In this series I become the actress and play out different film tropes. For the photographs in this series, I create the set, the costumes, the lighting…etc, as if it were an actual film. I then place myself in the scene in a variety of archetypal feminine roles. I congruently created a series of photographs and video where I projected scenes from existing films, and acted in front of the projection, inserting myself into the scene, interacting with the space and characters. This was an exploration into the idea that we sometimes empathize with what we see on screen so much that we become part of it, or it becomes a part of us, thus our identity is affected by what we consume.

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